Jan 12, 2017

4 things I REFUSE to do as a photographer

First off, here’s the thing. Can we talk about something for a bit? Honestly?

I mean, honestly, can we REALLY talk honestly here?

I’m about to say some things that will more than likely ruffle some feathers. And you know what? I’m glad about that.

I’m going to write some things here that will probably cause me to lose some Facebook fans on my measly little page, but you know what else? I don’t even care about that because I’m beginning to despise Facebook anyway.

So, here goes. I’m stepping up on the soap box now so swallow hard for this one, People.

I’m SICK of seeing little girls all “prettied up” in pictures. I’m SO OVER scrolling through Instagram and Facebook and blogs and seeing overly smoothed skin on little people. (I’ve unliked/unfollowed them now, but whatever) I’m TIRED of little girls posed in ‘not little girl ways’. For example, dresses that are not age appropriate and scarf thingies hanging off of their shoulders. I HATE seeing images that show children posed, dressed, photoshopped so much so that they don’t even look REAL. I DO NOT WANT to see little girls photographed “adultly” in only camisoles and see photographers say ‘oh it’s just skin and she’s just a child’.


Not only all of that, but also I despise the fact that people *like* these types of images on Facebook and *heart* these types of photos on Instagram.

So, here’s the deal.



How about photographers stop dressing them up and posing them like they are dolls or grown women.

And how about everyone else stop saying ‘oh how pretty she is!’…’oh my goodness what a doll!’…

blah blah blah

puke puke puke

blah blah blah

vomit vomit vomit

This skin smoothing, eye sharpening, hair smoothing, eye color enhancements, etc…they are sending ONE message and that is Here Little Girl Stand Here And Look Cute. That’s what these kids think you want from them.


That’s what they think is IMPORTANT.

That’s what they think makes them SPECIAL.


I’m so tired of the ‘Sit still and look pretty’ mentality and that is exactly what is being shoved down their thoats. And mine. And yours as a matter of fact.

It’s gross.

Wanna know what’s pretty? Muddy clothes. Soccer gear. Pizza-stained faces. Big sister’s hand-me-downs. Messy braids.

Children don’t need skin smoothing and they don’t need their hair edited. They also don’t need eye color enhancements and, if you know how to shoot, they also don’t need added catchlights.

So how about we let kids be kids? How about photographers show what REAL BEAUTY is? How about we stop *liking* and *hearting* these “too grown up” photos because that tells the photographer ‘oh, it’s cool’.

Because it isn’t.

People. A woman ran for President (don’t worry, I’m not going THERE). Women serve in the military. Women are police officers. Women are BAD TO THE BONE and we are STILL sending this crappy message to little girls that the only thing they are good for is LOOKING CUTE?!?!

That’s crap.

As a photographer, here’s what I refuse to do:

1. dress my child up (or allow my child to wear) clothing that is not age appropriate/make her look older than she is.
2. use a child as a ‘wow factor’ shot in order to get *likes* or fans.
3. smooth skin, enhance eyes, pose a child in a non-childlike way
4. push this STUPID ‘Sit Still Look Pretty’ mess.

There. That’s all.

Whew. I’m glad I got that out. I feel better.

Now, if you think this post is about you, I pinky promise you that it is not. I PROMISE you that the people I’m referring to aren’t even going to give my little ol’ blog a second thought…or a first…and aren’t even friends with me on Facebook. However, if you’d like to forward this to anyone? Well, I’m not going to stop you. 😉

And I’ll end this with a funny little picture that is the total opposite of gussied up little girls in froo froo dresses.

May I present….my 4th baby and the story of her licking a dog bone.

josie dog bone board_edited-1