Freckled Mommy started years and years ago. Back when blogging was *the* thing to do. It started back during blog circles and before most social media platforms. Then, Instagram popped up on the scene and I snatched up the freckledmommy handle. I've been writing stories of my family and my own personal thoughts (rants?) since our 21 year old was a fresh-n-plump baby. Originally they were just for us, then the stories became part of an online scrapbook for our family near and far. 

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When my nearly 18 year old was born, I began writing. And when her little sister came along two years later, I started teaching myself photography and taking a handful of courses so that I could photograph their sweetness. I knew my words and stories about their lives was only so much; photographs were even more. I had to think of a way to freeze time, to stop them from growing so quickly. And that? Was photography. With just one press of the shutter I was able to keep those hand dimples closer to my heart forever. I could remember more vividly that little curl in the middle of her forehead. The messy faces and missing teeth would go on for years. 

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When our youngest was 2, we found her face down in a family member’s pool. Unresponsive. Gray and listless. Her little curls stuck all across her toddler face. My yelling couldn’t bring her back. My begging wouldn’t make her wake. After a bit, she did return to us. She somehow, by the grace of God, came back to us that day. Her daddy clinging to her soaked half-dressed body. I knew, we all knew, that on that day we were changed forever. Of course, people say that well known cliche so often, but I can assure you we were most certainly never the same. I look at her life, and the lives of my other children much differently now. I take even more time to notice the little things. To pull out my camera and film them playing, giggling, running through the sprinklers on a hot day. I notice their chipped nail polish and dirty faces even more and I never, ever, want to let that slip by. 

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