This blog is a mixture of two of my favorite things: photography and telling stories. Here I share stories of life through photos and silly commentary. Maybe you're a photographer seeking inspiration or a parent looking for relatable experiences. Or could be that you're someone who just enjoys both art and family. Either way? You're probably in the right spot. I'm a Gen Xer who's pretty honest, to the point and usually funny at the same time. 

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Welcome to the Freckled Mommy Blog, where you'll likely read honest and goofy stories of motherhood, where food is a coping mechanism, and naps are a luxury. Whether you're seeking a dose of relatability, parenting tips that actually work, or just a good southern humor, you've stumbled upon the perfect digital scrapbook.

So, grab your coffee (reheated for the third time, of course) and dive into a world where parenting is an art form, messes are masterpieces, and every day is an adventure worth sharing. (I think this last paragraph is cheesy, but honestly just needed to fill this space.)

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Many of my stories (and I’ll be honest sometimes rants, too) have been featured on Scary Mommy. 

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