Apr 24, 2018

10 of our most favorite things

Don’t come cryin’ to me if you end up ordering something.

Also, I googled some of these things from my laptop yet when I logged on to Facebook from my phone the next day….these items were suggested to me.

That’s pretty darn creepy Zuckerberg. Don’t do that.

  1.  I Found You: A Novel by Lisa Jewell  this one is right up top because I literally could not put it down.
  2. This face serum:  This one. This one right here.
  3. We always get so many compliments on the wallpaper in Josie’s room that the girls doodle on . It’s such fun!
  4.  Broadchurch is one of my most favorite shows.  The first episode was, honestly, a bit hard for me to watch.  After that, I was all in.  The accent of D.I. Hardy was quite tricky because he’s a million percent Scottish.  We had to rewatch clips at first because I had no clue what the man was saying.
  5.  Stranger Things is probably something nearly everyone has seen, but it’s another favorite show of mine.  It’s E.T. meets Alien meets The Goonies meets Stand By Me.  If you’re a kid from the 80s you will love the music, the clothes, the cars, everything.  By the way, in Season 2 when Sean Astin’s character (you know, Mikey from the Goonies and also Rudy?) is told that they need to know where the red X is on ‘the map’?  He replies something like ‘kind of like a pirate treasure’?  Okay so that response was mediocre at best.  I really wanted him to say ‘like maybe One Eyed Willie’s treasure!?’
  6. Josie loves this Elmo on the go letters case  and surprisingly we still have all of the letters.
  7. This water table  is used nearly every single day.
  8. I randomly picked up this Neutrogena Scrubber Thingy  a few months back and I LOVE it.  I look 22 now, y’all.  Well okay, 40 but you don’t have to say that right to my face.
  9. Allison has a subscription to Rise Baking Kits and we’ve loved everything they’ve sent.  So yummy and she’s able to do it all on her own.  Of course she *is* twelve, so that helps a lot.  The only thing she has a hard time with is the cleaning up part.  Bless it.
  10. This stars and moon projector night light  is also well loved.  You can leave the dome part on for a dim night light, or you can remove it and watch the moon and stars slowly rotate across the ceiling.  It’s like you’re in the wild, People.  Especially with a toddler in the room with you.

So there you have it.  Ten of our most favorite things at the moment.  Some things I failed to mention are Caramel M&Ms, Original Citrus Fresca, Playdoh and also this little magnetic doodle thingy…



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  1. Evangeline says:

    Brilliant list! I’m totally going to order/read/watch at least half of them. Possibly all of them. Thank you!