Nov 4, 2016

A letter to Daddy

Recently, Tony took the middle girls to a nearby lake to rent a boat and fish for the day. Emily, Josephine and I later met up with them after picking up a friend to go along. After we were there for a bit, I had to leave earlier than expected in order to get Allison to a birthday party. Tony decided to stay with our friend’s son. Caroline decided not to. This is the letter she gave Tony shortly afterward:

I am so sorry that I did not go with you to fish more because guess wath I was bord and I figered out that I could have so so so so so so more much fun with you. And I miss you. I was wrong. I should have gone with you but I hope you had a fun time. I feelt bad because you were wanting me to stay but I didn’t and that was mean. Like a lot. And I love you to the moon and bake 9,000,000,000,000,000,000 times and this is why. You are cool, funny, honist, kind, smart, genores strong, brave, cute (very cute) and hansome and much more. But still I am still mad at myself. UUUGGGHHHH. And yes I did have so so so so so so so so much fun fishing with you even thou we did not cauch eney fish but I bo not care. It was still fun. You are the best person. Do not change yourself because God loves you the way you are. And I love you the way you are. I hope you liked this note.
From your mean freind Caroine.
To the coolest person ever.


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