Jul 24, 2012

A re-edit

Since Allison won’t really ever….like…ever never

cooperate with the camera?

I figured I’d just post an old photo of her that I re-edited.

This girl? Is a mess, I’m telling you.

She loves Legos.

And water.

And Spongebob.

For those parents that say…”my kid will NEVER *fill in the blank”

Just go ahead and stop that junk right now.

‘Cause I said the words, “my kid will NEVER watch Spongebob”.

And….that was a big ol’ fat lie.

Just don’t ever say NEVER.

It’s basically you jinxing yourself.

Allison is also a darn good soccer player. In fact, she just made the select team for her age group. Where we live, it’s just rec ball and everyone plays.

You pay?

You get to play.

She wanted to try out for the more serious team where they only take you if you are….well….serious and good.

She was so happy that she made it! And we are pretty dang proud, too.

If I do say so myself.

Oh. One more thing. I did say “my kid will NEVER be a cheerleader” and so far they all HATE cheering.

Nothing against cheerleaders, of course…. I just didn’t wanna hear Two Bits and Firecracker Firecracker all.stinkin.day.

*wipes brow*

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