Jun 20, 2012

Art Lesson #1

This summer I decided to do some art “classes” with the girls. Each lesson will be about a certain style of painting and I’ll tell them about a couple of artists that came out of that era or style.

(Don’t get all “ohmywordsheisthegreatestmommyEVER”. I’m not THAT awesome. I spotted the idea on Clickin’ Moms.)

Today we headed to the craft store to pick up a stack of canvases. We also hit the library for some storybooks on different artists.

The first “class” was on abstract art.

I read a book about Jackson Pollock and showed my little artists some examples.

Hellooooo Google search engine….

Then I gave them a few rules to follow…

1. Make it colorful and happy

2. Absolutely NO RAINBOWS or KITTENS or FLOWERS or TREES or HOUSES (because if I didn’t say this? I would end up with nothing but those things)

3. Fill the entire canvas.

They absolutely had a heck of a time.

They literally BEGGED for the next class.

Which will be Still Life and coming on Thursday.

Enrollment is up, people.

Let me know if you want in.

(by the way, Emily didn’t want any pictures taken of her while she was working. Only the finished product would do)

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  1. Lacey says:

    What a fun idea! And yes, you are THAT awesome! 🙂