Jan 27, 2022

What Time of Year Should I Take My Senior Photos?

There are a few decisions you’re going to need to make as you plan your senior photoshoot and when to schedule your session is definitely one of the most important.

So, what season is the best?

In the end, it comes down to your personal preferences and the types of photos you would prefer as the end result.

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of each season to help you make the best choice.

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By choosing to schedule your session in spring, you may end up taking photos before your senior year, but that’s perfectly fine. (Or, you can set your session for the spring of your SENIOR year, that works, too!)


  • Avoid the rush by getting your photos early on.
  • If you choose to take your photos outside, it won’t be freezing cold or too hot.
  • Benefit from beautiful spring flowers and greenery as your backdrop

  • There is always a slight chance of rain.
  • You might feel awkward if you take photos before your senior year, and you can change a lot in a year’s time. However, you can always choose to do another session later in the school year.
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Summer is a popular choice for senior photo sessions because it’s such a fun and positive time of year.


  • You get to enjoy more hours of sunshine and the warmth that the summer months offer.
  • There’s no need to dress in heavy layers.
  • Your schedule will be far more flexible during the sumemr months.
  • There’s the option of getting a tan before your session so that you have a natural glow.
  • There is generally an abundance of wildflowers, which look great in photos.


  • The heat can be uncomfortable.
  • There are far more bugs to deal with during summer.
  • Since everyone is spending more time outside, you may struggle to find a public location that isn’t overly busy.
  • Frizzy hair and sweaty faces aren’t ideal as your final product.
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Fall is also a popular season for many seniors across the US and for good reason. Who doesn’t love fall?!


  • Fall colors make for some of the most beautiful backdrops.
  • The hot summer temperatures have subsided, making it more comfortable to be outside.
  • Taking your photos during golden hour in fall will give them a beautiful soft glow.
  • You can still make that yearbook deadline.


  • Becaus of the eye-catching scenes that fall creates, public spaces might be busier than usual. You’ll be competing with family photo sessions since this is a very popular time for moms to update those Christmas card photos.
  • You may need to work around fall sports schedules.
  • The sun sets earlier in the fall and with a busier school schedule, it might be tricky to work in a photo session.
  • Since this is a popular time for senior photos, you may struggle to find a slot with your favorite photographer. Make sure to book early if you’re looking for a fall date!
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It might be a bit colder, but you can still capture beautiful senior photos during the winter months.


  • Public spaces are a lot quieter, which means you have more locations to choose from.
  • Since winter isn’t the first choice for most seniors, you can take photos that are more unique.
  • Photographers generally have more slots available int he winter months.
  • You can choose to have your session in a studio ofy ou want a warmer location.


  • The temperatures can make it too cold to use an outdoor location.
  • There is typically more cloud cover and the sun sets earlier. That means you may miss out on the warm golden sun.
  • If you wait too long (into January), you’ve missed your yearbook deadline.
  • There aren’t any leaves on the trees and grasses aren’t green; making your end result a little more dull.

Now that you have a better idea of what each season holds and have a few tips from the photographer’s perspective, you can make a better decision on what season is best for you. If you choose a winter session and are in need of a studio photographer, please let me know and I will suggest some great ones for you!

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