Dec 1, 2015

Christmas Tree Shopping

Over the weekend we found the perfect tree for the house!  We always visit the local plant nursery around the corner and on this day it was Small Business Saturday so that was an extra bonus.

It.  Was.  Packed.

Allison, you and dad picked out the tree this year.  (I’m writing this down so that next year there won’t be any ‘….but you picked it out LAAAAAAAAST YEAR’ arguments.)  It was between two different trees and some strangers helped us out with that tricky decision by coming along and buying one of them.  Whew….thank goodness….I don’t know how much more eenie-meenie-miney-mo-ing I could have survived.

Emily and Caroline, you two had fun goofing off between all the trees and all three of you had a fun time picking out the wreaths and swinging.

Here are some snaps from our Christmas Tree Shopping time, including an iphone picture that someone took for us.

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