Jun 15, 2012

Conversations with Allison

About a week ago we were driving to dinner and I was chit-chatting with Allison.

She wanted me to ask her questions about her future.

Things like…Where will you work? What will your car look like?

It was so cute and she’s just so honest and open. She’s a big thinker, too. I love that about her.

Here’s how our conversation went….(I wrote it down in my iPhone so I’d remember later on)

Me: So. Tell me about your husband. Where will he work?

Her: Oh. I don’t know yet. I have to let him know where he will work.

Me: You’re gonna tell him where to work?

Her: Oh yes. Wait! It’s the Pharmacy. He’s going to work at the Pharmacy.

Me: I see. So he’s going to give out medicine to people. Like at Publix Pharmacy.

Her: Um. No. I mean he’s going to work at the PHARMACY (kind of shouting now because I’m not understanding, I guess) Mom. Like. You know. STATE FARM. The PHARMACY.

Then she starts singing the jingle….like a good neighbor….

Me: Okay. Got it. What about college? Are you going to go to college?

Her: I’m gonna GRADUATE from college. That’s different, you know.

(yes…I know this…:giggle)

Me: What about your husband? How will you know when you meet the guy you will marry? How will you know he’s THE ONE?

Her: Well. When I’m at school and I’m carrying a lot of books to the library? He will see me and he will say, “Can I take those for you?” And he will just take half. ONLY HALF. That’s how I’ll know.

Now isn’t that the cutest?! We went back and forth like that for 30 minutes. She described everything to me. I told her to tell me about the house she will live in. She closed her eyes and started telling me all that she saw….

two kids…a boy and a girl

a black car…in the garage…and NO toys around it

a playroom with toys on one side for the girl and on the other side for the boy

a red brick house

plants around her front door….a black front door

It was just so cute. I loved hearing all about how she pictures her future.

But for now? I’m gonna hold on to this sweet girl really tight….and try to keep her from growing so quickly.

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  1. Lacey says:

    This is so cute! How fun will this be for her to read when she’s older??