Mar 3, 2013

Creativity Challenge: Food Photography

I’m back with another episode of the CMPro blog circle!

This month our assignment was food.



I really, REALLY, like….really am NOT a foodie photog.

But, I did at least TRY an “official” food shot.

Here ya’ go.

Lame attempt.

I know this.

So, after I shot that little cutie, I gave a cupcake to Caroline and then did my usual.


….that’s the best I could do with the food thing.

Now head on over to see what Kelly is gobbling up this month.

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  1. […] please continue around our little circle to drool over the beautiful work of my friend Melissa with her close-up […]

  2. Love the way she is looking at the cupcake right before the first BIG bite! So fun!

  3. Anne says:

    I think she wants you to play with this theme again next month. :giggle. Oh boy these photos make me drool so much. Good thing it’s dinner time soon!

  4. Jessica says:

    Oh, Melissa, these are delightful! And she’s such a sweetheart…

  5. So sweet and the cupcake looks delicious!

  6. gigi says:

    I know at least one person who was psyched about this month’s theme! That last b&w one is ah-mazing!

  7. Great! I hope her Arm heals soon </3

  8. YUM! And, I have to say that I love Allison’s peace sign phase that she seems to be going through at the moment xo