May 6, 2012

Double Babies and a new bed

Did I mention that we found Caroline a back-up Baby?

Well, we did, thank goodness.

The only problem now?

She wants to lug BOTH Babies around now. Our plan pretty much backfired.

Also, every night for about 4 months now she has said nearly the same thing every time she’s tucked in…

…”I weeely want a bigguh bed.”

Yesterday we found one down the street at a yard sale!

Yay! Tony and Emily did some running around for mattresses today and then put the bed together for her.

She was so, so excited. And both sisters want to sleep with her now.

Too bad there’s not enough room…

…because of those double babies now.

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  1. carleigh says:

    so so cute! love it!

  2. Tracy says:

    Love the new bed!! And yay for a great garage sale find!! I am on the hunt for a girlie bed this summer as well 😉 And of course I have to ask you what color the walls are painted 😉

  3. Elena says:

    Great action shots; love ’em!