Jun 27, 2014

Even more port St. Joe

I’m telling you.

I have a lot of images from this trip.

Still more that I haven’t edited!

The girls had fun shucking corn for the first time.

Allison decorated herself with a ‘shell’ that she found. Which was actually just a piece of tar.

I’m not telling her.

We had dinner on Father’s Day at a cute little restaurant at the marina. Watching the sun set and seeing Caroline ‘fix’ Nana’s hair.

Our days at the pool were so fun and quiet. It was usually just us there. Playing in the pool and watching the boats go by on the bay.

Disclaimer: many of these are far, far from perfect, but guess what? Don’t care! 🙂 I love ’em to pieces.

So how ’bout THAT?

Oh. And Caroline stuffed herself into the crib that was in her room. The two big girls took the bunk bed and Caroline INSISTED on the crib. She loved it. Ha! Good thing she’s still under 40 pounds and short for a six year old.


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  1. sarah says:

    Goodness – I love them all! Hoping for more trip photos!