Feb 4, 2019

Five things I learned over Super Bowl Weekend

Over the weekend there was a soccer tournament an hour away, we had friends over for dinner and we played outside a lot. But there was also The Big Game here in Atlanta and I discovered quite a bit in the process.

  1. Some people feel that 12 – 13 year old soccer is greater than or equal to the World Cup. It is not. This isn’t directed toward our club, Rush, but rather the opposing teams. Y’all. Let’s bring it down a couple of notches when you’re watching your kid play a sport. You are not the referee. You are not the coach. You are simply the one who drove that kid to the game. Sit down, por favor. thankssomuch
  2. If you choose the right style pajamas, your kid can pair them with boots and play outside with nobody realizing they are actually pajamas.
  3. Maroon 5 really isn’t a Super Bowl Halftime Show-type band. Are they a band? They just didn’t have enough oomph if you ask me and I think people knew that beforehand. I mean, have you ever heard someone say “I went to a Maroon 5 concert and they ROCKED OUT!”. Eh….no. I wish they had left the halftime entertainment to the hip hop artists. After all, Atlanta is synonymous for hip hop.
  4. All those commentators + visitors who pronounced the ‘T’ in Atlanta stick out like cream of wheat in the south. It’s AtLANNA. Not AtlanTUH.
  5. If your kid loses all 27 pacis and it’s nearing bedtime so you run out to buy 8 more? You will find all the lost pacis five minutes after returning from the store.
  6. My 13 year old considers Michael Jackson’s Bad album to be nice pump up music.

Okay, well that was six, but okay! What random thing did you learn over the weekend?

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