Jan 27, 2013

for the LOVE {of a flashlight}

{Caroline LOVES to put things all over her door. It’s quite colorful. Each time she has a check up, dental visit, or paints a picture? She puts the stickers and artwork on her door.}

Also? I survived the sleepover!!!

I told Emily tonight that I was so proud of her choice of friends.

All of the girls were SO VERY NICE and mannerly.

I had a wonderful time with them….even if they didn’t go to sleep until after 2am….or at least, I think that was the time.

Last I checked, at 1:30?

They were still talking and giggling.

I mentioned a few days back that I’ve been using the new actions from my lovely friend, Marissa Gifford. I was very set with my black and white conversions, but geez. I sure am loving her Lifestyle Black and White action these days. Her action set is jam packed with awesomeness. Get on over there and check ’em out!

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  1. candy says:

    ok so maybe i shouldn’t be annoyed that my daughter put stickers on her bed to make it prettier!