Dec 18, 2013

for the love of french friends {and their toys day 31}

A sweet little package was delivered here the other day.

It had to work pretty hard to get here…

…all the way from France.

I’m thinking from car, to truck, to plane, to boat (boat?), to another truck, to a mail truck, to our box and finally arriving at our stoop.

It was barked at by a doggie…thinking it was out to get him or something.

Inside was sweet and wonderful treats from my darling friend, Lisa who is a dang awesome photographer in France.

France, you guys.


The girls and I were joking about what could be in the box…

…french fries!

…oh! it’s toast of the french variety!!

…honey dijon mustard!!

…Taylor Swift!!

Okay, I’m just kidding about Taylor.

Anyway, they all sat down and opened the box together and were so happy to see the goodies inside!

An English version of The Little Prince, a toy, pens and a pen case PLUS a super rad book for the grownups.

I have to say, Lisa surely hit the spot with this…and they are all loving the heck out of this little Prince.

Yesterday I found him in Allison’s room…just hanging out in some lovely light.

Thank you, thank you Lisa! This girl right here could kiss your face plum off!


Oh! And a new blog look!! How ’bout THAT right there?!?!

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