Jan 3, 2013

for the LOVE! {of friends}

Today? Caroline was invited over to her very first play date. She went to a buddy’s house…BFF #1…and her BFF #2 was there, too!

She has been BEGGING to see her little friend’s house.

“I juss GOT to see dat room she has, Mommy!!”

Today was her day and she had a blast!!

In other news…Emily was re-spaced today at the orthodontist.

So far, so good.

And Allison? She had a little lesson in This Is The Way We Fold The Clothes…Fold The Clothes…Fold The Clothes.

She didn’t want to help at all at first, but then I turned on some Coldplay while I chatted her up about her next birthday cake.

The girl was done in no time.

She wants a Winx Club cake come July.

And in OTHER other news…. I wrote a blog post for my most favorite place Clickin’ Moms and it was published on the blog today.

You know…if you wanna check it out and all right here.

I’ve been asked one point seven million times why I don’t take clients anymore.

That blog post? Will give you the answer.

Until tomorrow?

Peace out, people!

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  1. andrea says:

    Ohmycuteness! I’m loving all of these cute girl dolls/toys. Makes me wish my Maxwell was a Maxine some days. 😉 Maybe I just need to go out and by them for myself…
    Really loving her hair cut. 🙂

  2. Christi says:

    Cute! My girls love Strawberry Shortcake and friends. I’m enjoying your daily posts. I’ve got to get with the program…forgetting to take my photos and never getting them posted if I take them. I just can’t figure out where my time goes each day? Maybe my kids know.

  3. Candy says:

    your photos of all of their little toys are always so inspiring my daughter however likes to play teacher or be the mama to her younger brothers!

  4. Courtney Karban says:

    You are so funny and charismatic. I just love it!!!Thanks for the CM blog post. It was so refreshing!