Jan 12, 2013

for the LOVE {of Gatorade}

Today was Sports Day.

Indoor soccer at 8:30 (IN THE MORNING!!) in a town that is 35 minutes away.

Back track to the first basketball game of the season at 10:00.

Next game at 11:00.

2 waters, 2 Gatorades and 2 Powerades later….

…the girls were exercised and sweaty.

Emily is in her second season of basketball and first season playing full court.

I thought Emily was tall.

Until I saw the opposing team today.

Our team was lucky if they could get it beyond half court.

Technically? They were still playing half court seeing as how they hardly ever made it down to the basket.

The final score was 44 to 6.

Guess who was six?

The good news is? Emily’s team TRIPLED their score!

The bad news is? Now we know what “creamed” looks like.

The BAD bad news? They play that team two more times.

It’s time to start doping.


Today was…sporty.

And it required lots of drinking.

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