Jan 5, 2013

for the LOVE! {of mud}

If we’ve broken down that beaver dam in the backyard once?

We’ve broken it down seven point three MILLION times.

That blasted beaver keeps coming back.

But the girls sure do love bashing his home to smithereens.

Now before you start clutching your pearls and saying, “oh my goodness! *gasp*! That poor widdle beaver and his widdle biddy family!”



We live in Georgia.

It gets hotter than four hells here.

When it gets hotter than ONE hell?

Mosquitoes will swoop down and pick you up.

We grow ’em big down here and no amount of bug spray will create a big enough force field to whip those jokers.

The huge muddy, watery mess in our backyard may LOOK like we are on lake front property?

But we are indeed not. I assure you. I’ve seen the tax records.

So, until mosquitoes and water moccasins are dead door nails?

We will continue to bash that beaver habitat.


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  1. candy says:

    don’t worry one bit that i’m clutching my pearls!!! we live in georgia also and can hardly go outside and play in the summer with all the durned mosquitos!

  2. Christi says:

    Beavers, mosquitoes, moccasins…all part of our home here in GA. My oldest daughter got bit by a moccasin a couple of years ago. Thankfully it was a dry bite With no venom. Freaked me out!!! I don’t like snakes.

  3. LOVE this Melissa!! lol!!! You are the best kind of southern woman <3

  4. Marta says:

    I’m laughing at your journaling…”hotter than four hells” lol