Apr 22, 2013

for the LOVE {of Piedmont Park and the Dogwood Festival}

Let me start by saying that my 10 year old has NO FEAR of coasters or any sort of fair ride, for that matter.

She will walk right up on something she’s never seen and say, “Please get me some tickets. I’m going to ride THAT.”

*shock face*

She rode the craziest ride on this day.


(that one that you see up there by the sun….yikes!)

When she got off the ride I asked, “Did you scream? I heard a lot of screaming.”

Her: “I did but only because the other girls were screaming.”

I’m not sure where she gets this from, but dog if she doesn’t have it BAD.

Also, on this day, we watched some really cute and excited dogs chase frisbees.

Made us want to train Max the Goober to jump for frisbees.

But only for a second.

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