Jul 4, 2013

for the love of their toys {day 3}

We have been counting the days until Despicable Me 2 came out.

Oh goodness it was so cute and fantastical!!

How in the WORLD did they create characters that are just like our girls?

Margot (the oldest caretaker) = Emily

Edith (the middle ninja) = Allison

Agnes (the teeny sweetheart) = Caroline

And because I couldn’t decide between the two?

You’re getting both.

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  1. Marta says:

    I love the black and white, it has a more “cinematic” feel (whatever that means!) LOL

  2. carolina says:

    Melissa, I’m IN LOVE with your toy series! A while back ago I thought of doing this, just for practice, but then I thought my family was going to think I was crazy!…LOL…You pictures are always an inspiration, but after seen these, even more. You have inspire me to do as my heart desires without the fear of been thought as an obsessive person (with photography that is). Now I can say…If the great Melissa can do it, so can I!! HA!

    PS: I just realized I created the same background for my website, only purple…if only my pictures where as good as yours I would be the happiest person alive! LOL