Nov 16, 2015


I’ve been planning (hoping, really) to start this with you girls, but just haven’t gotten around to it.  Then, Allison’s teacher mentioned it to the class, Allison came home itching to visit You Tube to show me all about it and before you know it?  I was downloading the app and we were getting shoes on and heading out the door.  You two LOVED every.single.second of it.  You enjoy making treasure maps at home and having the rest of us follow along to find the treasure….which is usually Mardi Gras beads, fake gold coins and plastic ‘jewels’.  Let’s just say that Geocaching is like one big treasure hunt for both of you.

We all started out all happy and excited, with treasures in hand to swap out once we found something.  Then?  We (read:  Caroline) was rather upset that we were having to go home due to the darkness.

Side note:  Emily was at her horse riding lesson and wasn’t able to test out the Geocaching Train with us this time.  She said it was ‘okay Mom’.



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  1. LaShawn says:

    I need to try this out with CJ! Love the photos as usual!

  2. katie says:

    Always wanted to try this. And by the looks of it, you girls had a blast! Sidebar: love their freckles. 🙂