Oct 22, 2018

How I got banned from the moms group

Welp.  I guess it’s time I come clean to you people.

I got myself removed from the My Atlanta Moms Club FB group.

Now, before I tell you the whole truth and nothing but, you need to know that I was very nice to those people 85% of the time.

The other 15% I just simply couldn’t hold back with, what *some people* would call….sarcasm?

Yes.  I mean, if you call “A towel?!” a sarcastic reply to the question:

“How do I keep my child from getting cold after the bath?” 

Then, I GUESS I was sometimes sarcastic.


Here’s what happened.

I posted the link to the story of Josie’s accident in the MAMC Facebook group.  My point in sharing the story was to urge moms, grandmothers, babysitters, etc. to get certified in CPR.  I made the point to say that realizing in those moments that I didn’t know CPR was absolutely terrifying.  I linked to the American Heart Association’s website so that MAMC members could find a location near them.

That was it.

I didn’t post for “I’m sorry”.

I didn’t post because I wanted clicks to my blog.

I posted to encourage parents and caregivers to get CPR certified.

There were lots and lots of nice comments.


I did get one comment from the group’s founder and administrator that went (and I’m paraphrasing) something like this:

We purchased a house with a pool and I was worried about my toddler.  I figured it would be easier to teach him how to swim rather than have an accident happen….blah blah blah I quit reading after that.  


Well my goodness.

I responded with something like, “of course it would have been easier for me to teach my child how to swim rather than have her nearly drown, but I can’t exactly go back in time now can I?”

I was then reprimanded for being “snippy” in my response to an administrator and soon after that I was deleted and banned from the group.

I sent a private message to the page asking about being banned.

I was told that I didn’t fit well with the group and that’s why I was banned.

I responded that I didn’t believe that and instead was surely removed because I was “rude” in my response to the administrator’s crappy comment.  I ended by saying, “If you’re the admin of any other groups go ahead and ban me from those, too”. 

And the following is the response I received back:

“Your Christian spirit really shows through. I’m glad God thought more of you to save your daughter than you do of him to treat others this way. Have a great night.”

And that was that.  That’s the story of how I was kicked out of the moms group and the reason y0u won’t be hearing any additional mom stories from their FB group.

*weeps tears but not really because who gives a flying turd*

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  1. Teresa says:

    That’s ridiculous. I can’t believe that was her response to the trauma you all went through! (((hugs)))

  2. Carolyn says:

    They are clearly missing out by banning you. I know you aren’t asking for praise or an excuse for their behavior so I’ll simply say, You go girl. I adore you and love your spirit.