Jul 9, 2012

I think they’re lookin’ for the Tax Man

Tony says “they” are shutting down little kids’ lemonade stands all over the country.


I’d like to see them come on over and try that with my little babies.

I mean.

Not because I’d go all whack-a-doodle on them and end up on the national news.


and these are her words, not mine

Allison knows “how to do some karate moves”.

She wouldn’t go down without a fight.

And a flying side kick.

No…in all seriousness….

These girls have LOVED having this lemonade stand for the weekend.

They discussed the plan and each girl had a job.

Allison…scoop the ice

Emily…pour the lemonade

Caroline…take the money

I did absolutely NOTHING except pull the table down the driveway and watch over like “a hawk”.

Those were Emily’s words.

There were, I have to say, a lot of funnies while this was going on.

I told them that they needed to sell it by standing, smiling sweetly and waving happily.

Allison? Allison’s response was…”Yep. And sometimes you have to lose your clothes, too.”


I swear I don’t know where she gets this.

And Caroline? Caroline would say, “Here comes a car! Put your wavers on and SELL IT PEOPLE!”

And sell it they did.

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