Sep 16, 2014

iPhone + Click Away in Salt Lake City

Last Wednesday through Sunday I was in SLC, Utah for a photography conference through Clickin Moms.

Oh. My. Word.

It was delightful.

Delightful, I say!!

I have been a part of this amazing online community for nearly 5 years and have only met a handful of my friends in person. Friends that I have grown to love and admire. Friends who inspire me and push me to be better at….well, at everything. I’ve seen their kids grow up. I’ve watched their talents just shoot out of them. I have waited a long, long time to see their pretty little faces live and up close. This last week/weekend it was time!!! I met and hugged so many sweet friends. We giggled in the photobooth (oh goodness my cheeks hurt). We walked and walked and walked. We had dinner together. We danced to Taylor Swift songs. We tried not to cry when it was all over.

I was thrilled to lead two photowalks where we talked about toy photography as well as two image critique panels. It was an all out fantastic time all the way around.

I, of course, wanted to document all of this fun and sweetness and mostly used my iPhone. I shot a bit with my DSLR, but haven’t looked at them yet. Those will come soon, but there aren’t nearly as many as my iPhone images.

All of these are edited within my iPhone (most of the selfies aren’t edited at all) and include my bestest buddies. I wonder if they KNOW I’m now their best buddy?

Ahhh…..Salt Lake City. I miss your mountains, my friends, your wide city streets, that not-so-easy to follow map, and your nonexistent humidity.


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  1. Lacey Meyers says:

    These are ridiculously amazing. As are you. <3 I'm so glad I finally got to hug you and hear your sweet voice in person!

  2. Kristin Dokoza says:

    Yep! I love all of these! Miss you lady.

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  4. andrea says:

    I love all of these!! SO wonderful to meet your cute, smiling face!

  5. Mickie says:

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE these! I wish we had more time to chat there 🙁

  6. celeste jones says:

    these pictures are sooooooooooo good.