Sep 19, 2023

Isn’t this what they call “full circle”?

Many of you know that Tony and I are high school sweethearts. We started dating when we were 16. He was in the marching band (played the stew out of a beautiful silver trumpet) and I was on the drill team. Back then, drill team is what we called the dance team. I’m not sure it’s still called that, but there you go. He stood directly behind me during most all of marching band season.

And it took off like crazy.

When we graduated high school, I stayed home and went to a community college. Well, that’s where I *started*. I ended up going to three schools; graduating from Mercer. I usually get a lot of crap about that, but I always say How many people can say they got into THREE schools and went to all of them?!

Must mean I’m extra smart.

Back to the story.

I stayed home and Tony went to Auburn. During his freshman year, he took an architecture class. I don’t actually know the specifics of the class, but he can tell you. The important part of the story is that one weekend they went on a field trip from Auburn, Alabama to Charleston, South Carolina. His assignment was to draw one of the buildings/homes as he sat in Battery Park. Any building he wanted.

Once he got back to Auburn, he called me to tell me all about Charleston. (There was no texting back then in 1993. Just calls and letters.) Tony told me how he sat in Battery Park and drew the most beautiful building. I remember him telling me that he was going to take me to Charleston one day and show me.

*heart goes flutter flutter*

Fast forward a few years and now the two high school sweeties are engaged, but still in college. (He’s in Auburn and I’m on my THIRD college…if that means anything to anyone.) It’s 1997 and the internet is up and running a bit. I was the one choosing the honeymoon spot. I dialed up that loud internet connection, waiting not-so-patiently for it all to load, but really I didn’t know any different. I typed ‘Bed and Breakfasts in Charleston, SC’ into the WebCrawler search box. (Does anyone else remember WebCrawler?!)

And a few spots actually had a website. I chose Two Meeting Street. Across from Battery Park.

Keep in mind, I had never been to Charleston.

Fast forward again, and we’re on our honeymoon. Pulling into the cutest little town I’d ever seen. We get closer and closer and as my new husband is craning his neck to look out the windshield and up at the bed and breakfast he says….

“This is exactly the building I drew when I sat across the street in that park in 1993”

Y’all. What are the chances?! He didn’t know the name of the bed and breakfast and I had no idea I’d reserved that same spot for us. It was a full-circle moment.

But you know what’s even CrAzIeR than that?!

Allison, our second oldest, chose College of Charleston. During her last high school spring break, we visited so she could be sure that’s where she wanted to be. A few times, we had ice cream at a cute little spot on the corner of King and Warren. Tony parked the car across the street while I went in with the girls. On one visit to the ice cream shop, he mentioned that there are dorms right here on Warren. I didn’t think anything of it.

Fast forward to College Move In Day.

Allison’s dorm room window looks directly across the street to that cute little ice cream shop.

And also? Allie now plays the stew out of her dad’s beautiful silver trumpet.

I think THAT is what you call Full Circle.

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