May 1, 2012

New glasses

During Caroline’s 4 year well check she flunked the eye exam.


I honestly thought she was just being shy.  She had the exam when we first arrived and failed it.  Then she had her well check visit with our favorite nurse practitioner.  After we talked and Caroline showed off her smarts, I mentioned that she failed the eye exam and could we try it again.  Just in case she was too shy to speak the first time.  So, when the nurse walked out I told Caroline that I wanted her to speak up when she is asked about the shapes on the chart.

“You understand me?  You gotta talk loudly or else she will think you don’t know your shapes, okay?”

“Okay.  I will talk yowd, Mommy.”

She walks out and stands where she’s told.  The nurse points to the biggest letters and Caroline gets those.  Loud and clear.  She points to the second row and she knows those, too.  Points to the third row and Caroline shouts out,


Guess she really understood that “talk loudly” part.


So, today was her official optometrist visit.  Her aunt works there so we had loads of fun visiting and chatting and picking out frames.  Caroline did every single test.  The doctor told her that she was the greatest little patient she has seen.  Afterwards?  She even got to walk to the back and watch her new glasses be made.  I think she had a swell time.

And she looks darn cute in those glasses, I must say.


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  1. Grandma says:

    How cool is my little Caroline?! You’ve got glasses and Grandma does too! I like yours on you! I hope you see even more clearly, all God’s amazing colors and art work! When I first got my glasses at 30, I decided to train myself to always clean them every morning with liquid soap & slightly warm water, then dry them with a freshly clean wash cloth, after I get dressed – so I can always see clearly through them. Then I decided to always wear them all day long until I went to bed so I wouldn’t lose them easily or sit on them and maybe break them! Will that help you, in taking care of your glasses? Your Grandma loves you!!! Give your sisters my hugs & kisses… OK? I miss you all!