Feb 19, 2016

One month + our favorite baby purchases

Josie Mae is a month old.  Well, she’s actually almost 2 months old and I’m just now getting around to posting this.

So I like sleep better than blogging.  And?

These last several weeks have flown by.  It’s completely true that the days are long, but the years are short.  As mommies (and daddies) we are blessed (tortured?) to watch our little ones grow up each day.  They are literally getting bigger right before our eyes and it’s so bittersweet to watch.  So many times I just grab them up and snuggle them.  Breathing in their smell (many times they smell like ‘outside’ and crayons or Bath and Body Works).  They’ll ask me what I’m doing and I say ‘shhhh….I’m making a memory of you’  Each time I put Josie Mae down for the night I can hardly bear it because I know when she wakes up cooing in the morning she’ll be just a wee bit bigger.  It’s great to watch these cuties grow, but then again it’s one of the hardest things mommies (and daddies!) have to do.

Anyway!  On with the show.  I take a picture of this chickadee everyday; however, on the 26th of each month I’ll use something other than my iphone and I’ll make notes of what’s going on with her at the time.


I also wanted to share 5 items that are our favorites.  With the fourth kid we feel like we are getting things down pat with this baby thing.  Here are the things we LOVE around here.

The Mini Cosleeper is fantastic.  My mom gave us this handy dandy item and it’s just perfect.  It’s a great size for us because it fits in just the spot we needed and it’s also a perfect fit for baby.  There’s great storage on each side where I keep diapers.  There’s also a large storage area underneath that zips up and that’s where I keep extra sheets, blankets, swaddles and baby wipes.  Also, it folds up and has a carrying bag.  Yep.  You need this.

The Moby Wrap is another favorite.  Josie LOVES it.  If she’s fussy, I can put her in and she zips it right up.  She loves being snuggled up to me and using the wrap is the perfect way to cuddle her and get things done if I need to.  Or, if I just want to walk with her to the bus stop to gather up the girls.

When we first brought Josie Mae home from the hospital we were using the traditional swaddle method.  Tony is way better at the swaddle thing, by the way.  I could never master it at all.  We were gifted a set of SwaddleMe Blankets and they are so great!  So very easy and the perfect amount of swaddle.  Her legs are able to move around and fall into the ‘frog pose’ that babies love.  I use this every single night.  Josie is a big fan.

Oh. My. Goodness.  The Sound Sleeper App is amazing!!  The free version plays for 30 minutes and the paid version will play as long as you want.  Josephine’s favorite sound on the app is the hairdryer.  It will calm her right away if she’s upset.  I’ve often used it in the car (if you follow me on Instagram you know how she and the car don’t get along) and always use it when she’s down for the night or napping.  Actually, if you want to know the truth, I find it pretty soothing myself.

The last thing I want to brag on is the mamaRoo.  It’s a bit George Jeston-ish and so very cool.  You can even control it with an app on your phone (that is what sold my husband on it).  There’s all sorts of combinations you can use…various sounds and movements with varying speeds and volume.  This is where she takes her afternoon naps.  I’ve tried to fit into myself, but it has messed my hair up just a bit trying to get in.

So there you have it!  Our Top Five Favorite Baby purchases…as of right now.  When she reaches another milestone age, I’m sure I’ll repost some favorites here.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday.  It’s date night up in this place!

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