Nov 15, 2012

one more because I like it

I can’t believe this kid will be in kindergarten next year!


I seriously think she’s too short.

They don’t take short kids, right?

The other day, we went on a little nature walk while the big girls were at school.

Caroline thought it was rather lame, I guess.

As we were leaving she said, “Ugh! We were here all dis time and we only sawed FREE damn daddy yong yegs and a yizard?!?!!?”

Maybe next time I’ll just take her to the pet shop to browse the fish tanks.

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  1. Tracy says:

    So cute! Hey Melissa, we are heading to San Fran in about three weeks. Any tips on where to stay or not to stay. What to see and not to see? Thanks!

  2. candy says:

    don’t you just love how they pronounce words – my baby girl (she’s 5) still says youngins instead of onions. i’m dreading the day she says it correctly.