Mar 31, 2014

ordinarily lovely: take one

So. Here’s the deal.

I’m done with being in control.

It’s a burden. It’s not fun. It’s too controlling of ME.

Funny thing is, when you try to control everything around you? It ends up in control of you instead and it’s all for naught. Isn’t that stupid? But isn’t that true?

So control can suck it.

These are the things I’m letting go of…

the frame in my work

the floor of the basement with its craft paper, glue, markers, and ribbon

the laundry basket. It doesn’t have to be folded and put away righthtissecond

the girls’ beds. They don’t have to be made everysingleday

the dog hair on my yoga pants

the yoga pants

the fact that I don’t actually participate in yoga

the blankets on the sofa being folded ‘just so’ everyday

the dishes on the counter. It’s okay if they sit overnight. This one I’m pretty dang good at already.

the five year old having matching clothes on

the distractions in my work. This goes along with the first one listed and actually where my letting go has stemmed from.

Not only am I choosing to loosen up with my work and not be so ‘this goes here here and here in exactly this spot’ with every single image that I take, but I’m finding out that this looser mindset falls into the other areas of my life as well. I’m not perfect. I have beaten down my OWN SELF with thinking that my work has to be JUST SO and it is crippling; not only in my photography, but also in my life in general. I’m not crazy, y’all so don’t stop reading the blog or anything. Just over trying to be ‘just right’ with these images of my little ones. From now on, I am embracing the ordinary. I’m going to snap that shutter button when I see lovely light and a cup of milk or a cute child. I’m going to edit without feeling that I have to clone this and that and the other. I’m going to show OUR LIFE and MY LOVES in a way that is different from what I usually show. You may not like it and that’s okay. I don’t care. Which is also what I’m letting go of. I don’t care if you like my more ordinary work. I’m not letting go for YOU. I’m letting go for me. Keep in mind, that the toy project will be controlled and I plan on holding on to that because that project brings me such joy. I don’t want to change the feelings and thoughts and work that I do with the toys. However, I’ve decided that I have missed too many photos of my girls and our life together because I waited for them to have matching clothes, or a clean face, or an area free from distractions. Well guess what people? Here come the distractions and ordinary life of the Gibsons.

From here on out? I’ll be photographing from the mindset that everything here may be ordinary, but it sure is lovely all the same. Ordinarily lovely. Let’s get to it, y’all.


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  1. I love this Melissa!!! I adore the way you capture your girls and the details of your life! Always so beautiful to me! And for what’s worth I let go of the laundry and dishes not too long ago too. xoxo

  2. Erin Konrath says:

    I did this about 5 months ago. Just LET IT GO (insert Frozen tune here) and man, does it feel GOOD. And my work has only gotten BETTER, not worse. I will not be letting go of my yoga pants, however. Love your post!! XOXO

  3. christina says:

    Right there with you this year 😉 At least I’m trying… It’s freeing and it *is* lovely. Beautiful set, especially love the last one. <3

  4. katie says:

    Melissa, there are so many reasons why I admire you and your work but the reason I love you is because you are who you are. No excuses. And I thank you for that.

    Now the question remains…will we see an occasional limb chop?

  5. TRG says:

    Melissa- I love your sincere approach and and I am very proud of all of your work. You have evolved to an amazing photographer to me and I couldn’t be more proud of all that you are to our daughters and myself. Thank you for all the joy you bring to us while capturing our lives for the future. A future that will be just that much brighter because you took the time to help us pause in our moments, slow down, and just let us all smile a little more. your my favorite, T