Jun 27, 2020

Ponce City Market Senior Session

Crazy thing about Ponce City Market in Atlanta, it’s the former Sears and Roebuck that opened way back in 1926. Anything you purchased from the Sears catalog came out of this facility. My mom worked here, and retired from, Sears and Roebuck. I visited this very spot while she was working so many times. It was massive!

The facility closed in 1986 and was purchased by the city of Atlanta. Unfortunately, it was costing taxpayers quite a bit of money every year as the city was unable to occupy even half of this enormous space.

Finally, a developer purchased the site in 2011 and began to magnificently rejuvenate the property. Many elements of the old Sears and Roebuck building remain as the builder put those historic elements to modern day use. As an example, the historic 46k gallon steel water tank? It was retrofitted to tap into the natural spring on the site and, in turn, that supplies the entire property with water.

I just love the history behind Ponce City Market. Not only because of my family ties to the building, but also because of my love for the city of Atlanta. So, when an old high school friend contacted me about her daughter’s senior session? I just knew we couldn’t pass up PCM. It was a real joy to see my old friend, her lovely daughter and undoubtedly my favorite building in all of Atlanta.

This is Ella. Senior class of 2021.

Go get ’em Ella!

ponce city market atlanta senior
ponce city market atlanta senior

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