May 4, 2012

Pre Glasses + Post Braids

The day before Caroline got her new glasses I took her hair down out of the french braids.

(Thank you You Tube and my friend Kim for the french braid idea. Only one video and this momma’s got it down, baby!)

She loved, LOVED her hair.

She wanted to shake her head and twirl around.

When her sister’s came in from school they both said, “Hello Taylor Swift!”

Then Allison?

Allison the comedian said…

“What’s up Tay Tay??!!”

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  1. I just read about you over at my four hens. I am so in love with your work. And I love chocolate everyday. Love to hear about why you shoot in jpeg. I also shoot in jpeg, but everyone gives me a bad time. You need to shoot in raw, they are always telling me.Thanks.