Mar 11, 2022

Prop Ideas For Your Upcoming College Announcement Shoot

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted into your dream college or trade school! Creating an announcement is one of the most exciting next steps.

If you want your college announcement photos to be extra special, consider adding some props to your shots. Not sure what to use? Here are some fun ideas.

Wear the t-shirt.

Does your college or school have an online store where you can purchase merchandise? Grabe one and wear it for your announcement shoot. You can also have one made locally or purchase on Etsy. And hey…a big bonus is that you’ve already got one outfit sorted out!

Add a few balloons to the mix.

Add a fun and colorful touch to your photos by taking them outside of your new school (if possible) with balloons. Be sure to choose balloons that are your school’s colors. And with balloons, the bigger the better. Avoid the usual small helium-filled latex ones. Instead, choose balloons that are 36 inches in diameter. You can find loads of options right here on Etsy.

Bring a flag along.

If you are able to get your hands on a college flag or sign, bring it along to your announcement photo session. No need to add any captions about where you’re headed after high school when sharing your images online.

Wear a hoodie.

If the weather is a little cooler when you take your photos, wear a hoodie instead of a t-shirt. A hoodie might just be more your style anyway.

Celebrate with confetti.

There is something about throwing confetti that instantly means HOORAY! And since this is a celebration, why not add some confetti to your shots? You can even find confetti in the same colors as your new school. But please make sure to clean up the location before you leave.

Throw on a hat.

Lastly, hats are always fun at photo sessions. A ballcap with your college mascot or letters is a huge hit and a fun way to let everyone know where you’ll be in the fall.

As you plan your announcement session, know that there’s no need to shoot at your new college or trade school. With the right props, you can shoot your announcement photos anywhere that works for you. Look out for senior mini sessions in your area if you only want a few photos to commemorate this milestone. Another option is to add these props into your traditional senior photography session.

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