May 17, 2012

rainbow circle

Today was the last day of preschool for Caroline. Thankfully, I have one more year before this chickadee flies the nest and on to kindergarten.

The big girls are rounding out their years, too.

Can I just say that the end of the year stuff seems to be more expensive than Christmas?!


Seems like everyday they are bringing home a note requesting money or items…

…goodie bags, pizza parties, student teacher gifts, Vodka for the teachers…

Also, Allison brings home a note saying that they can perform a “talent” on the last day of school. Of course she jumped right on that.

She was just giddy when she got home. Saying she’s going to dance.

Um. That’s great and all, but my kid’s dance ability is not really school approved.

She is a mover and a shaker.

Let’s just say she could make Britney Spears look like Shirley Temple.

The bad news is? My kid is a natural born rump shaker.

The good news is? She picked a “Jesus song” to shake it to.

*head slap*

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