Feb 13, 2019

Brain Dump

I guess this is the opposite of Wordless Wednesday.

There are loads of random thoughts on my mind this morning so here goes…

  1. Why don’t people know how to work a round-a-bout? For that matter, why don’t they even know how to work a four way stop?
  2. I don’t understand why the Bubble Guppies go to the beach when they are UNDER WATER IN THE FIRST PLACE.
  3. Same goes for Sponge Bob.
  4. How can the birds in our yard eat that much birdseed in only a day and a half? They are eating me out of house and home. Just like these kids and those darn honeycrisp apples.
  5. You know how kids strip down Barbie dolls as soon as they get them? Same goes for dogs and the squeakers inside the dog toys. In 30 minutes the squeaker is ripped from the toy and lying in the floor.
  6. My iphone usage went up by THREE HOURS last week because of that STUPID addictive game, WordScapes. I had to delete it because I love myself more than that. DON’T GET IT. You’ll never be able to stop collecting coins and entering tourneys.
  7. How can something be “new” AND “improved” if it’s NEW IN THE FIRST PLACE?
  8. Why does the deli guy at Publix wear a hair net if he’s basically bald to begin with?
  9. How come, in 1969, Americans successfully LANDED ON THE MOON, but still had to manually roll the windows down in their cars?
  10. If it’s called quicksand, shouldn’t it work faster?

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  1. Jen says:

    Let me just address #4. I haven’t filled my feeder in a week and I’m pretty sure you’re getting double the traffic ????