Mar 8, 2013

recent Instagram shots

If you didn’t know already?

I love LOVE Instagram.

My username is freckledmommy (don’t ask) if you wanna look me up.

I really dig using my iPhone camera because it’s usually with me and definitely easier sometimes.

We listen to a lot of Pandora on my phone and I’ll have it stuffed into my back pocket.

Yes, I know that’s not-so-smart.

But it is so handy to whip that joker out and snap a pic.

Just look at all of the things I would have missed had I not had my phone within reach.

Also, please note our CRAZY dog on the foyer table. And no, that’s not staged. (people keep asking me that!) I couldn’t even THINK UP half of the stuff he does around here.

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  1. Paula says:

    Great photos!! Wow, I need to step up my game. I love instagram and pandora, too. I will look you up. My username is pauladiasphoto.