Nov 15, 2013

Recent iPhone images

Let’s see…. here’s what has happened lately. 🙂

We are coming to the end of the soccer season and Allison has been invited to play with the U10s in a tournament.

She’s 8, by the way, but eats and sleeps soccer.

No really, she actually SLEEPS in her uniform.

The team loves practicing under the lights now that the time change has happened.

We were out and about the other day and ran across a hot air balloon!

How random is that?!

Emily spotted the truck and trailer at a red light so we followed it and found the landing spot!

The girls were OVER THE MOON about that.

Emily is still loving riding lessons, of course. She loves feeding her horse peppermints afterward.

I tagged along for Caroline’s class field trip to the dairy farm. Feeding the baby cows was her favorite part.

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