Oct 8, 2012

san francisco…our first full day

Thank you all so much for all of those dog-gone nice comments you left on my previous post on San Francisco!

Y’all are too kind.

I wanna smooch your lil’ ol’ cheeks.


Here is a bit of what we did on our first full day on the west side.

The West Side is the Best Side!

Please note:

1.  Caroline didn’t actually want her picture taken on the carousel.

2.  Two out of three kids got “locked out” of the hotel room while gazing at the “South San Francisco The Industrial City” landmark.

3.  Allison and Caroline stand the same.

4.  Emily really loved the sea lions, but left with an otter puppet.

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  1. candy says:

    can you just come with me everywhere i go and tell me what to take a picture of and what my settings should be?!! love all of these

  2. Melissa says:

    Haha! Certainly, Candy! Where are we going first?! 😀

  3. Jackie Tyghem says:

    Love your images, NEW FAN!!! The last one is my have 🙂 Very nice!!