Jan 14, 2014

Southern California: iPhoneography

We recently spent six days in San Diego, LA, and Pasadena and it was FANTASTIC!!!

I guess it’s no secret that we love football in this house.  We also love Auburn University (Tony is a proud graduate and I was a proud girlfriend visitor while he was there)

When I say we can’t get enough of those Auburn Tigers and that football team….trust me….we can’t get enough!

So, it was only natural that we head out to see them play at the Rose Bowl for the National Championship.

ACK!!!!!!  I was absolutely giddy with myself!!

My father-in-law and mother-in-law went as well and we had a grand old time out there.  So what if Auburn lost?  It was the finest second place I’ve seen EVER, people.

How many times do you get the chance to go from one of the worst records to the second best in ONE year?!  And to play at the Rose Bowl?!

Amazing time, let me just say.

And if you are reading this and you’re an FSU fan,  you guys are the sweetest and greatest and we never ran across a bad fan.  What a good game all around.

Now to the pictures.

First off, I developed a thing for the lifeguard station-thingies.

We visited the aircraft carrier the USS Midway on Tony’s birthday and talked to a WW2 vet.  Tony said it was his greatest time turning 39.

We drove to La Jolla (La HOY-ya) and saw a sea lion right up close in the face.  Plus mounds of people.  Also, sea lions smell like poop.  Just so you know.

We hit Santa Monica and spotted the end of Route 66.

Tony took us to The Grande Del Mar Resort and holy cheese balls it was gorgeously fabulous!!  (just google it…)

My sweet man ordered room service and someone put a napkin in my lap while I sat by the window and watched the sun come up.

Yes.  He got loads of kisses for that.

Tony.  Not the Napkin Man.

And let’s not forget the game!  I finally met Aubie and I hugged that guy!

We also saw Takeo Spikes, Taylor Hicks, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Bobby Bowden, Tre Mason, Nick Marshall and Warrick Dunn.

Those names mean nothing unless you have seen old episodes of American Idol and love football.  (and basketball)

Warrick Dunn played for our other favorite team, the Atlanta Falcons.  I spotted him and said ‘Rise up!’ (the Falcons’ motto-thing) and Warrick pointed and winked at me.  Guess he was surprised there was a Falcons fan way out in California.

We are pretty much besties now.

Right after Aubie.

(all images taken with iPhone 4s and edited within the phone.  Collages created with the FrameMagic App)


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