Nov 19, 2012

sunset + McDonald’s + her bike

First off, every now and again I’ll need to make some posts password protected. That means….YOU GUESSED IT!…you’ll need a secret code in order to read it.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

So, if you want the password, just let me know when you post a comment somewhere and I’ll let you in on it.

Or, you can just leave me a little note via the Contact Page.


…on with the show!

Caroline and I went bike riding last week while the big girls were headed back from a school trip.

Well, mostly Caroline rode her bike and I just trotted along behind her.

We played on the playground, chased each other, tickled and just rolled around in the grass a bit, too.

It was crazy-fun if you want to know the truth.

She ended up with my drink by the end of the fun.

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  1. yolanda says:

    Love the trike photo with the sun in the crook of her elbow! Would also like to get a password to view protected posts. Thank you!

  2. candy says:

    i’m so jealous – one of these days my ordinary pictures are going to look like yours!!! that last picture is sooo cute.

  3. lauren says:

    It’s those kind of moments that are my favorite. So were you literally laying on the ground in most of these??? 🙂 And I wanna’ know what the secret post is about too!!!

  4. Andrea says:

    Oh happy girl!! Look at that smile.
    Beautiful light!
    (I’m curious about your last password protected post… 😉 )

  5. Christy says:

    Great photos! And I would love to sneak a peek at the password protected posts 😉

  6. Christy says:

    Love the photos! And I would love to sneak a peek at the password protected posts 😉