Jun 26, 2012

The Bug Girl

Actually? Allison wanted me to title this:

The Princess and the Bug

Why? Because she kept joking around…like she was going to kiss this thing.

Emily, the scientist of the family, found this at the park today.

And surprisingly?

Emily wouldn’t TOUCH IT.

She squealed….”It’s got FUR on its hiney!!!”

*runs away with arms flying*

I did have to talk Allison into holding it, but once she did….

…well, like I said.

She started trying to smooch it.

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  1. Lesley says:

    oh my goodness! what type of bug is that?

  2. Joyce Kang says:

    OMG!!! These are too cute! I love love love them 😀 Her expressions are priceless <3

  3. Lacey says:

    WHAT?!? is that?? It looks like a little rhinoceros! LOL … great story and photos!

  4. candy says:

    so cute! love your pictures!

  5. Christy Tyre says:

    The Princess & the Bug…sounds like a catchy title for a children’s book. Love it! Especially Alison’s expression in the last one:-)