Jul 21, 2020

The Golden Years Session | Alpharetta, Georgia

A few weeks back I had the complete pleasure of photographing one of Alpharetta’s most favorite couples, Nat and Claudia. They’ve lived in Alpharetta for over 50 years in one of the town’s oldest homes. In fact, I pass by their home almost daily and never even knew how old it is or about the sweetness that lives inside.

They’re both in their 80s and Mr. Nat still works nearby. He told me he just loves to cut the grass around their adorable yellow home. (He didn’t say ‘adorable yellow home’, I added those descriptors in myself.) When I asked Mr. Nat his most favorite thing about Ms. Claudia? He quickly responded with, ‘The love and respect I have for her is my favorite thing about her. I’ve spent so many years with her and I’ve always loved and respected her.”

Ms. Claudia enjoys rescuing cats and when I asked her if I could photograph her with her favorite kitty, she looked down at the black one and said, “Well, he’s not my favorite, but he will have to do I think.” Ha!

These two met in the 7th grade and said one of their favorite memories is going to the drive-in movie theater and pulling off with the speaker still attached to their window. Mr. Nat and Ms. Claudia also love to garden and told me about the little boys who come over to help her and learn about gardening. She loved talking about those neighbor boys and told me quite a bit about her own boys and their families as well. It’s quite clear that Ms. Claudia thinks a lot of her loved ones and enjoys being with them.

After a little walk through their garden, she handed me two cucumbers and a squash, saying, “Now you can take those home with you.” But, that day I left with more than just a handful of vegetables. That day, I left with admiration of a long-time love and a new goal of my own…make it to well beyond 80, keep active and take weekend strolls into town while holding hands with my own high school sweetheart.

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