Sep 18, 2012

the second child + a whistle…kind of

Today she brought home a whistle from school.

Oh. Joy.

Apparently, McGruff the Crime Dog gives away whistles when he visits now.

So, when a kid is in trouble….they just blow the whistle, of course.

Which, if you ask me, is a GREAT way to grab attention.

Because I witnessed the Whistle Effect first hand this evening.

It works.

I know this much is true.

You see?

As I was sitting with my little ones while they painted, I heard a MOST ANNOYING sound coming from outside.

The little boy across the street?

Why he had been gifted a McGruff the Crime Dog Whistle as well.

And he was blowin’ the FOOL outta that thing in his front yard.

At his poor dog.

I was —>this close<--- to running over there to that little guy (which is what McGruff WANTS grown ups to do when the whistle is blown)... ...and smashing that ever-lovin' thing to smithereens!!! But I did not. As much as I appreciate the thought behind it? I do NOT appreciate the whistle itself. That's like giving the entire classroom recorders. Who does that junk?! Thanks McGruff. How 'bout a coloring book next time? (I apologize for there not being any photos of that annoying thing....somehow....Allison's whistle has been "misplaced")

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  1. Tracy says:

    Hee hee!! This had me rolling on the floor!! OK, not really..But seriously, you crack me up. Love your little stories!

  2. Andrea says:

    “I was —>this close<— to running over there to that little guy (which is what McGruff WANTS grown ups to do when the whistle is blown)…

    …and smashing that ever-lovin' thing to smithereens!!!"

    Bwahahaha…(as I wipe away my tears from laughing so hard…)

    This is hilarious.
    Love how the whistle went missing.
    At least it was McGruff who brought home the whistle and not your husband. Yeah, my husband thought a whistle would be a cool thing to bring home for our five year old. He learned his lesson.

  3. susan says:

    Melissa OMG I laughed so hard I snorted! Love your blog – it’s always a day brightener for me 🙂