Oct 29, 2012

the story of our pumpkin carving day

The other day (well…I think it was last weekend??) we carved our pumpkins in the driveway.

Right there on the concrete.

We’re fancy like that.

I forgot to pick up one of those, you know, cute little pumpkin carving kits.

So, we pretty much had to just do our own thing.

The problem with that is that I kind of suck socks at free hand carving a pumpkin.

It went down something like this:

Me: Okay! Let’s carve some pumpkins!

Girls: Ooo!!! Yay!!

Me: Okay! Let’s cut a hole in the top of each pumpkin!!

Girls: Oooo!!! Yay!!

Me: Okay!! Now we can scoop out the guts of the pumpkins.

Girls: Eeewww!!! Yay!!

Me: Okay! Let’s cut something super cool on in these pumpkins!!

Girls: Ooo!!! Yay!!

Allison: Can you do a witch on a broom?!

Me: Um. No.

Caroline: Can you do a lot of bats flying around the moon?

Me: Um. No.

Allison: What about a scarecrow? Can you do that?

At this point? I have decided that I can do ONLY a number of “things” on these pumpkins. And they aren’t hittin’ on any of them.

Me: Well, here’s the deal.

I can do any simple shape that you want.


Do you like squares?

Let’s do a square.

What about a circle?

Who wants a circle on their pumpkin?!?

Trapezoid anyone?

Caroline: Oooo!! Mommy! Can you do me a DIAMOND?!?!

Me: Why….of COURSE.

Heck yeah I can do a diamond!


Who wants an oval?!?!

The excitement of the big girls was dwindling, but….

…I ended up giving them a jam up witch hat (TRIANGLE!!), a moon (CRESCENT!!!) and a jacked up bat.

This? Is not something that I carved.

This? Is store bought.


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  1. candy says:

    i totally was going to say what a great job you did with that pumpkin but then it just looked a little off and sort of plasticy! that’s all we can do around here too nothing fancy by any means:-)