Aug 22, 2012

the summer of Instagram

Y’all do know that I love Instagram, right?

And by “love” what I really mean is…


You can follow me over there if you like….I’m freckledmommy.

I know…it’s kind of a lame username, but whatever.

I tried to use Rad Redhead, but someone had already snatched it.

You believe that, right?

So anyway, I have my IG stream on private because…well, because I don’t like weirdos following me and seeing what I’m doing with my cuties.

But, as long as you’re cool and don’t have pictures of purple kittens tied to bumpers or your 5 year old getting a tat?

I’ll take you.


Here are the highlights of our summer….

Dave Matthews Band concert in Virginia Beach with some crazy-cool friends.

We painted and painted and went the the park a gazillion times.

There was a 7 year old birthday party and a pic of us reflected in a trash can.

Our buddies from Ohio came down for a visit!

The Varsity and CNN Center.

The first day of school…dance…and art class!

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