Jun 2, 2012

The Way I View…Motherhood

It’s time for this month’s The Way I View… blog post. The theme for the month was “motherhood” and I decided to put down the Nikon and shoot only with my phone for this challenge.

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Motherhood, to me, is…

…teaching your kids to do laundry. And not minding if it makes your job a wee bit longer and more difficult.

…letting your little ones share a bed sometimes. Even if they stay up later giggling and chatting and tickling each other.

…teaching them to show love.

…giving your child a love for music and flooding you home with various types of music and artists.

…showing your little one the importance of reading and giving them a love for books.

…teaching your girl to be a good sport.

…picking the kids up from the bus stop when it’s pouring rain. And when one wants to walk home in the rain anyway? Because it would be “much more fun”? You let her and follow behind her in the car.

…giving your child a chance to make a mess. Teaching them to love art…and not just crayons.

…letting your smallest one nap on your bed because she thinks it the coziest and “more softer” than her own.


Motherhood is…

…teaching your child to love herself and be proud of who she is becoming.

…caring for pets that really aren’t even yours to begin with.

…being the snack goddess.

…showing your kid how to ride a bike. And teaching her to get back up when she falls.

…encouraging them to love each other. Always.

…letting them bring all kinds of friends over for lunch.

…spending time at school for celebrations. Showing them that school is very important, but so is a good party.

…teaching them to get along.

…taking them to school everyday and hoping that they stay true to themselves, work hard and stick up for friends.


Motherhood is also…

…being there when new things come into their little lives. Like wearing glasses for the first time.

…reading to your little ones. Or, cheating and letting them use the iPad app instead.

…taking them swimming with friends and family.

…bathing and teaching personal hygiene. (I think they’ve got this one…they stay in for at least 45 minutes)

…teaching them to be supportive and caring.

…showing them how to find light in the dark places. (okay…so I didn’t know exactly what to say for the silhouette in the hallway!)

…teaching them that once you get a pet? You keep it no matter what. Pets are family and are meant to be loved just as much.

…most importantly, motherhood means showing your love to them. Everyday. Making them feel loved is the greatest thing I can do for my babies.


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  1. Aww! Your post brought tears to my eyes Melissa. What a wonderful job motherhood is… this is beautiful!!!

  2. jessica remus says:

    I love it Melissa! Great post šŸ™‚

  3. beth says:

    This is beautiful!

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  5. Ummm, girl… your iPhone photos are way better than my DSLR ones! Holy cow, woman! These are sooo artistic and creative. I’m super impressed. And your “motherhood is” thoughts brought tears to my eyes. Your girls are so lucky to have you for their momma. Love the bus in the side mirror shot, and the one at the eye doctor (how did you do that anyway?), and the dino/bear at breakfast shot. Really, they are all wonderful. You are so inspiring, Melissa! <3

  6. Adele Humphries says:

    One of my favourite posts from you melissa! Are these all iphone pics?!? Outstanding! <3

  7. Anne says:

    You never cease to amaze me, girl. I love you, that is all.

  8. Jessica says:

    Oh, Melissa, I LOVE absolutely everything about this post! Your words, your images, EVERYTHING!!!! These are adorable, and you are inspiring me to give Instagram a try…

  9. jodi says:

    i have no words, melissa. i’m trying but i really don’t. every single thing about this post is just amazing, amazing, amazing. xoxoxoxo

  10. gigi says:

    Um, I need to make sure I am following you on Instagram! These are wonderful – creative and so fun!

  11. Allison McSorley says:

    Melissa, this is just the best. A little glimpse into your world! It’s precious! Every day you inspire me, woman!

  12. Kristy says:

    Sweetest post ever…:)

  13. Leah Cook says:

    this could not be more perfect or creative!!! love love all these moments and your take on motherhood. you totally rock instagram and I know you are the coolest mommy around.

  14. Beira says:

    Awesome! It doesn’t matter what camera you pick up, you make beautiful art. These are just priceless moments.

  15. Rebecca says:

    “ā€¦teaching your kids to do laundry. And not minding if it makes your job a wee bit longer and more difficult.” Totally doing this one right now.

    I LOVED this post! Your pictures/list are so thoughtful! Wonderful!

    Also, I LOVE your blog title and description. šŸ™‚

  16. Christina says:

    This is over the top fab.u.lous. Loved the photos, the words, the whole package… I need to get a stinking’ iPhone … You’ve inspired me Melissa! Xx