Mar 14, 2019

things they say

Josephine is scream-crying in the car and we pull in the Target parking lot: Oh! Yook! A Target! I needed a Target! Yook at me I all better now!

Josie walks up to me holding a bra: Watch out, Mommy. Watch out for doze boobies right dare.

Josie talking to the puppy: Be careful dat table, Nora caws you hurt you self and den you get a boo boo and need a ban dayd.

In the car:
Josie: Care-yine. I poo-ed.
Caroline: You did?
Josie: Yes. I poo-ed.
Josie: You try, Care-yine.
Caroline: NO!
Josie: Op. I poo-ed again!

Listening to music and the Bubble Guppies theme song comes on: Mommy! Yook! I sound the Bubble Guppie song! (I *hear* the bubble guppies song)

After straightening Josie’s hair: She says (while twirling her finger in her hair) What happen my hay-er? Where my hay-er dats yike me?

Me: You want to go to gymnastics today?!?
Josie: Yes, but after my nap.

Me: (meeting Caroline at the bus stop) So. Did you catch yourself a boyfriend today?
Her: Well? No, but my sports bra was inside out if that means anything.

When Josie see something she wants to do she says “Can I go for it? I want to go for it!”

Looking at pictures of weather on my phone and Josie sees a storm with a lightening strike. She looks closely at it and says “Oooooh…..see dat? Dats a storm. I don’t wanna go for it. Dats skerry.”

Josie outside playing with me: “This wind is wind-ing my hair!”

Whenever Josie wants to do something with us she says “four getter” instead of “together”. “Let’s read a book for-getter”.

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  1. Vicki Smith says:

    Love all the things the kids say. 

  2. Carolyn says:

    I just laugh and laugh and laugh when I read these!!  And then I remember when my Mac use to say, (while in the car) Blow the window up Mama it’s breezy in here….. and I laugh again.  I miss those days!