Mar 19, 2017

things they say

Caroline (walking home from the bus):  Mommy.  I’m going to need you to get me a pet snake. 

Me:  yeah that’s never going to happen.


Caroline (as I’m standing at her door after tucking her in):  Just so you know?  You are the BEST mommy I’ve ever seen or heard of or met.  Ever. 


Caroline:  Just checking.  Am I going to need shoes EVERY SINGLE TIME we get in the car? 


Caroline: We rode the jeep down the trail and it was fun. 

Me:  Yes.  I heard!  Did Daddy play the music really loudly?  You know how he loves playing music loud in the jeep.  

Caroline: Yep.  We listened to Eye of the Tiger.  And also some song about you giving love *snaps finger* and…and…and *snaps finger again trying to remember* and…how it has a bad name or something?  Love has a bad name?  

Me: Oh yes.  That’s Bon Jovi

Caroline:  That’s the one!  


Caroline:  When I grow up I want to do something in the Air Force. 

Me:  Oh cool!  But you said you don’t like planes. 

Caroline:  Oh.  Yeah.  Well, this is going to be a DIFFERENT kind of plane.  So.  Not the same. 


Me:  What’s that on your arm? 

Caroline:  Oh THAT.  Yeah.  I drew a watch on my arm with a Sharpie.  


Me:  Remember when you were in preschool and you’d take a nap with me on my bed?  

Caroline:  Yes I do remember.  And I hated that.  






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  1. Katie says:

    These posts are my favorite of yours. I hope you’re keeping a journal of everything she says! : )