Oct 30, 2018

Things they say

Emily:  I’d NEVER live here if *I* was a bear.  (hmm….oooookkkaaayyy…)


Me (driving Josie home from preschool): Did you have fun at school?
Josie: I cwy.  I miss Mommy.  Waaaahhhh.  Waaaahhh.  No.  I not.  *hahaha*


Me (on the way to school with Caroline): If you could have any hair color of the rainbow what color would you choose?
Caroline: Red.  Not like fake red like Ariel.  Real red like yours Mommy.
Me: If you could have any weather every day what would you choose?
Caroline: Sunny with a chance of little clouds.
Me:  I thought you were going to say ‘chance of meatballs’.
Me:  If you could have any special power what would it be?  Like you can point your finger and POOF! Something would happen.
Caroline: I would move stuff.
Me:  Oh cool.  Can you move money into offshore accounts?
Caroline:  Yes.  Easy.  And also I can move my jacket back to me that I left outside.


Allison (completely serious as she listens to Led Zeppelin):  Music just isn’t the same as it used to be.


Me (rocking Josie at bedtime): Want me to sing a song to you?
Her: YES!!!
Me (doing my best singing): ‘you are my sunshine….’
Her (puts finger on my lip): Wait.  No.  Don’t do dat.


Caroline to Nana while on our way to the Braves game: Why did YOU decide to come to the game, Nana?  Because I came for the nachos.


Caroline:  What if toothpaste companies are saying that their toothpaste helps you but it actually makes it worse so you go to the dentist and they charge you to fix it and they split the money with the toothpaste people?


Me to Josie while rocking her:  Do you like it when I rock you?
Her:  Yes.  *pats heart* Rocking share my fave rit


Caroline (out of her bed way past her bedtime):  Just wanted you both to know that I just did 20 push ups in the dark in my room.  Also I ate an apple in there.  Don’t do that.  Now my belly is sore.


Holding Josie in a cradle hold next to the crib as I say the prayer.  Her face looking up at me afterwards.  She says “it a good one Mommy”.


Carrying Josie to bed and Tony yells out after us:  I LOVE YOU JOSIE!!
Josie whispers to me: I wuv beans!


Me:  Time for your nap, Josie
Her:  I seep daddy bed?
Me:  Nope.  Cause you’re a stinker, right?
Her: Wite.
Her: Wait!  No!  Say I sorry duh Josie!


At Gibson Landscape  and walking into the kitchen while someone is warming up their lunch.
Josie:  (*sniffing the air…sniff sniff*) Hmm….mells yike.  Mells yike.  *sniff sniff* Mells yike baff-room.


In the car and talking about going to the beach:
Josie:  We go beach.  I see waves.  I mile.  I wave.  I wave to duh waves.  I say hi waves.  *giggle giggle*


As I’m buckling her into her car seat.  She’s sniffing the air.
*sniff sniff*
Mells yike Mommy.
*sniff sniff*
Mells yike home.



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