Jan 23, 2017

things they say

In the car today Caroline was just a’talking away.

Blah blah this.

Blah blah that.

We were on our way to Josephine’s chiropractic appointment and I think Caroline was excited to go along. That’s why she was extra gibbery.

Is ‘gibbery’ even a word?

Caroline:  You know?  I don’t even know what my soul is, but I think I do.  

Me:  (Oh Lawd. Now I start scrambling and trying to think of how to describe a soul to an 8 year old) Well, your soul is really everything about you that isn’t your BODY.  Like, your goodness and your heart.  Your feelings and your love. 

Caroline:  Oh!  Okay.  Sometimes people ask me what the most important body part is and really there is MORE than one.  BUT I’d say your soul is what you really need because for three reasons.  1). Without a soul in your body you’re not ALIVE.  2). You really can’t get into heaven without one.  And there actually isn’t a third reason so I don’t even know why I even numbered to three.

Me:  Okay!  Well, let’s go to Starbucks after the chiropractor.  

Caroline:  Sounds great to me.  

caroline and josie back door_edited-1

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